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Before we dive into the basic details, we want you to know our first priority is helping relieve the weight all our clients feel when they’re facing the complications and stress of recovering from a serious injury. Rest assured that you don’t have to come to us, we’ll come to you. Fill out the form below, we’ll review your case and be in touch very soon.

  • We look forward to speaking to you. However, before we can assist you, we must first ensure that we do not have a conflict of interest. Accordingly, unless you are currently a client of Lerners LLP, we ask that you do not include any confidential information in this email. Please note that by sending this email, you will not automatically become a client of Lerners LLP unless and until Lerners LLP confirms that it will agree to be retained on your matter.

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What you can expect from your Lawyer.

We understand that the legal complexities following sexual assault and abuse are just part of the picture. The bigger parts are the physical, psychological, and social implications of this devastating assault and abuse.

Our Commitment to Every Client

Sexual assault and abuse leave long-lasting scars. Often the abuse is perpetrated by someone close–someone trusted–someone in a position that seems to have authority or control.

That’s why we support you every step of the way with compassion and understanding. Your Lerners Sexual Assault and Abuse Lawyer will stand along side you and guide you from the first call through to the final resolution of your case.

This is not your fault. As a survivor you have rights. We’re here to help.

As your advocates, we will guide you through a sometimes confusing and intimidating legal process to give you resolution.

We’re responsive to your needs.

Experience has taught us that to give the right answers, we have to be listening to your concerns and questions. We ask the important questions and listen attentively to develop a crystal clear understanding of your needs and priorities. We will never jump to a solution until we are certain we share a common understanding of the issues and what you need.

We keep you informed.

Strong relationships are based on clear communication. To support our sexual assault and abuse legal skills, our technology base allows us to efficiently manage mountains of information to keep you informed at all times. You will always know where your sexual assault and abuse case is heading and why. We give all clients clear timetables.

We develop innovative solutions.

Success can be achieved in many different ways. Often, it depends on the ability to identify an opportunity for a new strategy where other lawyers see no other options. You will be working with sexual assault and abuse lawyers who have successfully addressed the challenges you face with proven knowledge and experience.

We don’t waste your time or money.

We use a cost-effective approach to bring you the best possible results. We do it through our experience and creative thinking. By matching specific skills to critical legal issues, we make sure we don’t waste time or resources.


At Lerners, you can always find a lawyer with the professionalism and expertise you require. Someone who is committed to you, your best interests, and achieving the outcome you seek. We’d be honoured to put our experience to work on your behalf.

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