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Sexual abuse and assault can occur in many forms. It can happen to people of any gender, at any age, and in a variety of contexts. Some victims are chosen randomly or targeted by strangers or someone they have just met. Often, the perpetrator is known to the victim and is in a position of trust, such as a family member, teacher, coach, or religious figure. There are times when those who are responsible to protect us from harm and abuse fail to do so. Regardless of the circumstances of the assault or abuse, there are common elements, such as breach of trust, abuse of power, and victimization, which can have a devastating effect on survivors and their lives.

Our team collectively has decades of experience advocating for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. We understand the widespread emotional and physical harm it causes and the effect on all aspects of your life – relationships, work and education, health, and the overall diminishment of your quality of life. We know that recovery can take years of expensive therapy, medications, and other treatment. If you are a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, you are entitled to compensation for these losses. We specialize in guiding our clients through the legal process with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. Our expertise, skill, and professionalism allows us to fearlessly pursue the vindication, accountability, and closure you deserve.

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Sexual assault and sexual abuse leave long-lasting scars, and are often perpetrated on a vulnerable individual by someone close or someone trusted. This can include someone in a position of authority or control, such as a caregiver, a family member, a guardian, a professional service provider, an employer, a coach, a priest/clergy member, or an educator. Sexual assault and abuse at the hands of an authority figure can be particularly devastating, involving a breach of trust.

The emotional and physical harm caused by sexual assault and abuse can be profound. Your quality of life suffers, your education and work are compromised, your relationships are negatively impacted, and you’re likely to need long-term counseling and therapy to heal. Survivors are entitled to compensation–and the process of obtaining that compensation, when handled with skill and sensitivity, can provide you with vindication, accountability, closure, and assist you in the process of reclaiming your life.

A well-qualified sexual assault and abuse lawyer can determine where you need to go for compensation, provide the representation and protection you need throughout the process, ensure that a settlement offer is reasonable and fair, and if it becomes necessary, represent you in court.

There are many scenarios in which third parties can and should be held accountable for the abuse or assault suffered. These include when a third party has been negligent, or if the conditions for other forms of legal responsibility exist. This is known as vicarious liability.

For example, a third party’s negligence might include the act of doing nothing even though the assault or abuse was known, creating the conditions for that abuse, aiding in it, or simply allowing it to happen by not providing the proper supervision or care for the individual at the time of the abuse.

If your perpetrator was an authority figure in the workplace, your faith community, or another institution, the organization that placed them in a position to assault or abuse you may also be held liable.

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We don’t just provide legal representation – we are advocates and advisors, providing guidance, empathy and education, working hard to effect changes that will have a positive outcome for survivors. Just some of the resources we’ve created around filing claims, compensation, who to sue, when to sue, how to sue and other issues to help you and your loved ones can be found below. For a full library of blogs, videos and articles, please visit the resources page.